Benchmade 710FE-2401 Seven | Ten McHenry...


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Benchmade 710FE-2401 Seven | Ten McHenry Williams AXIS FOLDER Folding knife Outdoor camping hunting pocket EDC utility knife

  • Spring Force: No
  • Lock: No
  • Sharp Blade: YES
  • Full Length: 22cm
  • Handle Length: 12cm
  • Blade Length: 10cm
  • Blade Angle: >60°
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Model Number: Benchmade 710FE-2401 Seven | Ten McHenry Williams
  • DIY Supplies: Woodworking
  • Brand Name: Benchmade
  • Origin: USA

Overall length: 22cm

Blade length: 10cm

Handle length: 12CM

Blade thickness: 3mm

Blade material: GB-D2

Hardness: 59-60HRC

Surface: Forged

Handle: G10+410 stainless steel lining

Net weight: 132g